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Navigation North is uniquely positioned to exceed expectations in both technical ability and educational expertise. Our team members are directly involved in education and technology, which means your project will receive a balanced solution optimizing outcomes.

For over a decade, Navigation North has been building online communities of practice focused on professional development, curriculum development and educational innovation. With experience at every level of education, Navigation North creates effective learning tools and systems which align to teachers’ instructional practices and effective learning research.

Check out this video of a statewide CTE/STEM curriculum development project supporting over 55,000 teachers. Program leaders and participants explain how Navigation North’s Cartographi platform supports critical elements of their ability to engage and sustain their curriculum authoring and publishing as part of the blended solution.

Digital Learning Resource Management


Our team is on the frontline of Open Educational Resources (OER). For the US Department of Education Office of Educational Technology, we developed the Learning Registry: a new approach to capturing, connecting and sharing data about learning resources available online.

Whether it’s the distribution of large digital resource collections or providing guidance for metadata best practices, Navigation North is the expert team you can rely on.


Web Platform Development


Learning Management Systems (LMS) are one of Navigation North’s specialties. Our team is constantly striving to improve digital tools for inside and out of the classroom. Our platforms increase efficiency and promote sharing.

Teachers are the most consequential people in education and our tools allow them to effectively collaborate, not just receive feedback, making educators an equitable partner in any process. Check out Cartographi.




Navigation North provides research in compelling teaching practices involving technology and effective strategies to support youth in digital learning environments. Our educational experts are nation-wide thought leaders.

We also provide analysis of top social platforms and how to leverage the successes of these for learning: how students are consuming content. Other subject areas we research include the impacts of moving from pen and paper assessments to digital assessments.




Our consultation expertise spans much of learning and technology.

We create technical specifications along with RFP development, followed by candidate assessment for technical education initiatives. After review, we’re often times selected to implement the tools approved by our clients.

We also provide candidate assessment for technical education initiatives. If you have worked with another team or are looking for alternative perspectives, Navigation North is here to help.


Technical Project Management


Not all projects should be managed the same way. That is why Navigation North approaches every project with varying tactics to complete what’s needed on time and on budget. We’ve helped many agencies reach their goals through effective technical project management.

While keeping in the set guidelines for your project, you can rest assured our team will partner with yours to ensure the quality of your digital learning solution is unmatched.


Educational Training


One of our founders is a seasoned educator and you can often find him leading classrooms along with instructors to demonstrate better education with technology. Our professional development training often lasts a fraction of the time of traditional training with increased satisfaction and results.

Navigation North works directly with other educators to find solutions that work, then train them in the most effective ways possible. Our team is well respected by educational leadership across the nation.




WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Many government agencies and educational institutions have opted for open-source solutions rather than proprietary options. This allows for flexibility in future vendor relationships.

Like most firms with open source clients, we share our work with the world for the betterment of all developers, decreasing security vulnerabilities and fostering a culture of inclusion.