An Invitation to Dream; an Imperative to Act

As part of a work-related project, I was reading the Smithsonian's Strategic Plan entitled, A Smithsonian for the 21st Century. Under the heading of Broadening Access, I was inspired by the following excerpt: ...we will leverage the power of technology using new media and social networking tools to deliver information in customized ways and bring our resources to those who [...]

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Making the Term “College and Career Ready” Real for Real Teachers and Kids

Today I am experiencing a sense of great pride and sincere sadness as a transition occurs for me and a project I started, led, and grew over 5 years. Mostly I'm happy though that, once again, some of the state's top Career and Technical Education Teachers and their STEM Academic counterparts are joining together to show that there are incredible [...]

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Back to School the Designers Go

Its time to go back to school for the Navigation North team. So we packed up a few researcher friends from the Smithsonian, a videography team, and our own personnel and we went and knocked on some classroom doors to see if the kids could play. Here were the questions, If kids could access anything that the Smithsonian has in [...]

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Assessing Assessment Applications

As our next installment of Back-to-School Digital Resources most teachers should know about, here are some assessment tools that "pass the test". (Get it? Test...Assessment Applications? Hellooooo...errrr, hmmm.) Plickers ( video tutorial Let's start with the funkiest one that I have grown to really like, Plickers. Here's how it goes: You go to Plickers and create your free teacher account and [...]

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Ontologies, Taxonomies, Folksonomies, Controlled Vocabularies, and an Un-Controlled Urge to Write About Them

Sometimes I am not even sure where to begin. Here are some examples of a subject directories from websites where educational resources are organized and provided for teachers to browse through to find things they are looking to use in class...or perhaps parents are wanting to help their kids with homework:   Depending on who you talk to in our [...]

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Perhaps the WORLD should be giving more data to SCHOOLS rather than the other way around!

How much student data should leave the campus in order to generate a clearer picture of performance and potentially help in calibrating resources and materials for learning more precisely? Well, that gets pretty tricky, pretty at your humble little Navigation North Learning Solutions office (aka, NavNorth) tucked away in far Northern California we have been quietly working on a [...]

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