Digital Learning Design

Can We Please Put the Digital in Digital OER Finally?

A call for more advanced thinking in the development of digital curricular formats designed to capture the way open learning objects and resources are organized and framed by educators to create quality instructional experiences for students. More regularly now, we are asked to look at and provide feedback to various agencies and projects that are forging the tricky waters of [...]

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An Invitation to Dream; an Imperative to Act

As part of a work-related project, I was reading the Smithsonian's Strategic Plan entitled, A Smithsonian for the 21st Century. Under the heading of Broadening Access, I was inspired by the following excerpt: ...we will leverage the power of technology using new media and social networking tools to deliver information in customized ways and bring our resources to those who [...]

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Assessing Assessment Applications

As our next installment of Back-to-School Digital Resources most teachers should know about, here are some assessment tools that "pass the test". (Get it? Test...Assessment Applications? Hellooooo...errrr, hmmm.) Plickers ( video tutorial Let's start with the funkiest one that I have grown to really like, Plickers. Here's how it goes: You go to Plickers and create your free teacher account and [...]

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